Gideon King

Former CEO/CIO and principal of Loeb King Capital Management. Extensive experience as CEO and Director of regulated and unregulated entities in the multi-strategy alternative investment space amongst others. 22 years of experience in managing a complex array of assets in various industries. Noted expert in corporate governance, having engaged in numerous activist campaigns, served on special committees and risk committees, and having spoken publicly and on television regarding activism; broad experience in undertaking and leading Board processes to restructure companies. Wide ranging capital market experience with special focus on Mergers and Acquisitions and distressed credit and value investing. Expert in shareholder communications. Expert in hedging and risk management by virtue of having managed various limited partnerships and managed accounts with different mandates. Well respected and documented track record of investing.

Gideon King was CEO, CIO, and principal of Loeb King Capital Management, where he worked for 21 years. During his 21 year tenure he managed capital on behalf of institutions, wealthy families, and others in need of custom rates of return. In addition to overseeing various investment programs Mr. King also oversaw complex accounting, compliance, and marketing processes that served Loeb King’s private and public investment companies. He has vast experience in public and private investing in a broad array of financial instruments across the arbitrage, credit, private equity, and deep value markets. Loeb King was global in its investment approach, only having one down year since the late 1980’s. During this down year, 2008, the Loeb King Funds had a substantially smaller loss than most peers and returned money to investors on time in a period of dramatic world financial crisis. Institutional Investor Magazine wrote an article lauding Mr. King’s operations for being responsible stewards of capital.
Early activist investor, having waged a number of activist campaigns involving public companies.